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Colorful Wulingyuan

Wulingyuan is located in the northwest of Hunan province Wuling mountains hinterland, Hunan one of the four major river in the upper reaches of the Lishui river. Here the complex geological structure, unique landscape.

The beauty of stone

Wulingyuan 397 square kilometers of territory range, quartz sandstone peak forest landform area up to 264 square kilometers. Within the core area, remote and vast, thousands of Shi Feng, is unique in the world, the peak forest landscape, to enjoy the magnificent, magnificent beauty.

There are a large number of these peaks, from the aerial images can be visually observed, peak elevation of 300 meters above the total of 3103 root. The pinnacle of the level of scattered, give a person with scattered row upon row of, change of beauty. High reach the Tianzi mountain, Huangshi village, kidney village, eagle nest village, oolong walled terrace, looked up, whether it is over the mountains, is surrounded by hills, stood level varies, grotesque peaks. To extend from beneath the cliff at the end of the line of sight, quartz sandstone peak forests such as bamboo shoots sprang out of the ground, shapes, vibrant, refreshing and pleasant feeling unable to restrain to arise spontaneously.

From the peak of the body shape, the pinnacle or vigorous rugged, steep tall, or Yi elegant show, small and exquisite, the posture of masculinity and femininity and. From the overall momentum evaluation, Wulingyuan quartz sandstone peak forest products conform to the aesthetic rule, the ugly stone Qing, clumsy, stubborn,To be good to hear or see the beauty.

From the peak body color, due to the special rock quality quartz sandstone, the peak body color like chic suave, fresh ruddy boys and girls, full of vigour and vitality, infinite charm.

Wulingyuan quartz sandstone peaks beautiful combination of sublime and the whole individual Shifeng, let a person as the acme of perfection.

Vivid beauty

Wulingyuan Qi 3000, clear peak laminate, vertical and horizontal linear, angular, like ax cross cut vertical oblique cut into, its modelling the odd position of different states and flawless, and ever-changing. So far, the peak of mountain, boundless, vast sea as far As one falls the pinnacle of the waves, of great momentum.

At the pinnacle of hundreds of different states, odd posture, be the most changeful, vivid. If a person, such as herbs for the elderly, fairy mirror, fairy flowers, samurai horse, general rock, Wenxing rock, without exception, lifelike; if those animals, such as Condor care whip, fog sea tortoise, rabbit son Mochizuki, tiger roar day, camel's hump, the eagle beak, the Golden Rooster herald the break of day, indeed live flexible now; if objects, such as bridges left pier, Jin Bianyan, Yubi peak, strategics treasure chests, candles peak, Sault sea, called vivid. Wow there are strange stone bridge, bridge, and bridge the best in all the land south gate of Shimen. The suspended Feijia in between great Shifeng bridge, some curved like the rainbow, some single beam transverse frame, laying some square; rock composed of South Gate, forceful momentum, rare in the world.

Husband and wife rock, Wang Lang peak, a thousand miles meeting, disappointment, and other attractions, all without exception is disclosing the human warm, romantic and good feelings and thought-provoking poetic realm.

So the Qifeng Guaishi is really not to stick to one pattern, be too numerous to enumerate.

The beauty of wall

Wulingyuan, rolling ups and scattered in the mountains, valleys and steep arranged in a crisscross pattern. Jin Bianxi, Shen Tang Wan, baizhangxia, ten galleries, is representative of many of the canyon. Golden Whip Creek Grand Canyon length 7.5 km, enjoy the world's most beautiful grand canyon in the world. Taiwan Verde surrounded, streams around the peak through the gorge, elegant and quiet, Lin Mao flowers fan. Along the stone road along the river, scenic spots have Jin Bianyan, Zicao pond, meet thousands of miles, jumping fish pool etc.. Baizhangxia towering cliffs, water gurgling, bird beast roar


Enter the Bai Zhangxia, on both sides of the cliff Maninsan 1000, cliffs, such as cut, please look up and have a look see one line sky, make the person suspected falls into the crust of the slit. Walk in Qifeng jimazhuang, along the path to the southwest, see the canyon more dangerous, can be described as "when Kazuo, Fumo opens".

In ten the gallery Miao Feng mountain, enchanting scene. About five kilometers long corridor, on both sides of the verdant trees, wild flowers fragrance; qifengyidan, mix, like a piece of huge landscape painting side by side hanging on the cliff of the Jodie Shenjin, pedestrian during picturesque midstream. Shentangwan cliff, trees densely tufted, bottomless, still no one involved in the original habitat. The canyon is sometimes fog cover such as the ocean, sometimes white clouds rising from the bottom. Every heavy rain, the valley often burst out of a waterstone impact sound, such as beat gongs and drums, people shouting, shook the valley, myths spread.

The beauty of the sea

Three hundred and eighty million years ago, the Wulingyuan area is an ancient sea. Zengjingcanghai hard water, through the time tunnel of hundreds of millions of years, nature Weili has this piece of ancient submarine carved into a single huge natural flowers. The edge of a canyon is a piece of petals; a root is the root of a flower is the pinnacle, embrace the petals. This flower is in full bloom in the ebb and flow of clouds and closed, half open posture is the most charming. The spring torrents and FEISA above the gorge, the cliff, is the sweet nectar. This is the most beautiful and the most beautiful flowers in the world.

No wonder the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization officials in the inspection and acceptance of world geological park, issued a heartfelt praise: Wulingyuan is the earth's life.

Life is but a hundred years, walk in this magical land, a few days can be witness Wulingyuan quartz sandstone peaks from an early age to elderly evolution process, through millions of years of a long time. This is not to say that the world's most beautiful and most magical time and space. The change and development of world without end, Wulingyuan quartz sandstone peak forest will get old.

As Mr Chen Guoda said: "from the geological time scale and natural law, it can not be separated from the birth, growth, aging, and the demise of the process. Although the process is very slow, but eventually to go." People can not change the laws of nature, but can make the peaks disappear the process slowed down, its premise is the human must take the road of scientific development.

The beauty of the landscape

Wulingyuan 380 million year old Qi 3000 is old, but 800 Xiushui is peak forest leakage of top-quality wine, like the ancient wood on the metabolism of leaves, is a valuable and fresh


Wulingyuan peaks and valleys, springs, waterfalls, pools, lakes, river countless, waterscape type complete and drought continue to flow not dry, pleasant scenery, beautiful. Dense clouds of perennial by southeaster which, gathered on the Qi 3000, and then to the morphology of the fog rain and snow landed in between the peaks and valleys, in the form of water moistening the earth, moistens everything. Water varies, complement each other.

Water from the crevice drilled, people call her spring; water falling from the cliff, people call her waterfall; water deep in the gully, people call her pool; pool water in the depression, people call her lake; the water rushing in the canyon, people call her Creek. Include numerous springs, waterfalls and pools of Golden Whip Stream, not only in the world the most beautiful canyon peak forest landform, but also in the world the most beautiful water landscape. The way of Jinbian Xi song, continue to grow, become the mother river of Wulingyuan River on the source -- cable. Cable across the canyon, into the river regardless of day and night, Sihu cable. Sihu is surrounded by mountain peaks around the cable, water, water Ying Qi, colorful.

Spring and autumn and winter, respectively, reflecting a different picture of Sihu cable, such as green flowers in full bloom, cool autumn, Han Dongxue's cover. Sihu cable as water varies album, cherish nature scenery in four seasons. "Though thousands of miles away, my heart was lost to the moon. To make a stone, marry with the river water." This is the praise of female poet sage most affectionate to Wulingyuan water varies most chic.

Love and beauty

Wulingyuan vegetation, a wide variety, especially in Wuling pine growth Bridget. Wuling pine stands or peak, or hanging cliffs, or the horizontal peak gap, its simple shape, its potential is vigorous, the God miaoyuan.

Wuling pine is the Central South University of Forestry and Technology plant classification expert Professor Cheng Jing Qi found in 1988 and named. The difference is that tree and pine is relatively short, stubby needles, a small seed seed ball. Wulingyuan three thousand peaks, as long as there is a gap where the growth of Wuling pine. Wuling song for Qi and upright, and because of Wuling pine Xiu qi.

Loose quartz sandstone peak forest of martial arts, like one mighty Tujia men standing on top of the wall is definitely proven heat and cold and the wind, frost, rain and snow test of nature's champion. Wuling song is a unique beauty of the tree, is a spiritual character of the tree, is a tree with the personality of the tujia.

If the three thousand peaks is the first Wulingyuan scenery, then the peaks above Wuling pines worthy of second scenery. In addition to Wuling pine, and Rhododendron trees, wild cherry and many unknown trees and Wulingyuan quartz sandstone peaks depend on each other. With green leaves and exquisite flowers, the peaks off a more charming and gorgeous.

The beauty of changes

Wulingyuan spring and autumn and winter, the four seasons; only when, majestic and grand. The weather changes often make the mysterious peaks. Clear blue skies, blue sky peaks Qi refers to, quiet and harmonious, leisurely and free. Rain comes, is misty peaks, stand proudly. The rain clouds will air early Ji, manjuan peaks, flickering, near and far, real and illusive. Due to the uneven peaks, different altitudes, different plant distribution, often have "ten different days" of the landscape.

Sometimes, the mountain rain, the mountain is blue skies; sometimes, Yamakami Oon fog cover, the mountain is sunny. In the Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar" for the floating mountains, to attract the attention of audiences around the world. Its prototype is the sea of clouds in the Wulingyuan quartz sandstone peak forest. Sunny morning, the sun in the colorful clouds surrounded, rising from the strange peaks in the;

In the evening, the sunset and sunset and hid behind the forest. The peak stone forest, in the gorgeous Xiaguang bath, more Yunzi graceful, exceptionally charming.

Yuemingxingxi, peaks in the moonlight with the upper layer of fog yarn, full of mystery and beauty. Wulingyuan Linhai with seasonal and climatic transformation, in order to show different beauty. Spring, forest green, flowers are in full bloom; summer, green wave stacked Chung, birds contend; late autumn, green shiny red and yellow, mince fragrance; winter, the snow wrapped, mountain color. Even in the same season, the mountain is also a very different environment. The winter is not when the valley, huagongyelu, seasonal difference of more than half a month.

Beauty of primitive ecology

Wulingyuan core scenic area per cubic centimeter of air, its negative oxygen ion content of an average of up to 100000. No wonder long Colorado Yuanzhou Nancy Dick is not without exaggeration to say: "in Zhangjiajie, with each breath, to cope with the $5." This fully shows that the original ecological environment in Wulingyuan is extremely advantageous. Wulingyuan this piece of pure land, the growth of more than 4000 kinds of wild animals and plants, only higher plant species is more than two times in europe.

The abundant species resources so that Wulingyuan has "gene pool", "wild animal paradise" reputation. Wulingyuan not only preserved in the Yangtze River Basin ancient relict plant community character of the original, but also has complete ecological system and many wild rare plant and animal species resources. There are 3000 kinds of higher plants, included in the first batch of national key protected rare and endangered plants Davidia seeds 35. The plant vertical band spectrum is obvious, the community structure is complete, the ecological system is balanced, there is a large number of ancient precious plants and Chinese endemic plant resources. The forest coverage rate reached raw, core area is up to 97%, and preservation of the Shentang Bay, black spruce brain two times the original forest.

Forest dense to the animals living here and creating a good environment. After a preliminary investigation, there are 50 species of terrestrial vertebrates in Wulingyuan Province, including the national key protected animals in the list of 3 species, two species of 10 species, three species of animal protection 17. Wulingyuan is not only the giant salamander's hometown, but also the monkey kingdom. For a long time, many naughty monkeys rule Wulingyuan animal world, by virtue of their monkey multi potential all and only human wisdom here and act like an overlord.

Beautiful scenery of the countryside

Wulingyuan quartz sandstone peak forest has a total of seven picturesque pastoral scenery, cascading terraces, stream surrounded, shade trees, scattered cottages, smoke curl upwards. Spring is coming, hills and fields, pink Li Bai, golden cauliflower, Chinese milk vetch colorful; into autumn, here is eyeful harvest scene, brilliant. It is a colorful oil painting. Among them, in the air, the most famous pastoral pastoral shaping.

The air is located in the old field of pastoral Tianzishan, and yuanjiajie separated across the valley. Tall after mountain lying, waist to spreading, forming small terrace, edge suddenly cut off the air, steep valley insurance, bottomless, Jiangtai hanging in mid air. Terrace on top of the platform, about 7 hectares of rice and rape. Spring summer, spring platform Yingying, spit yellow nano green; autumn season, is a golden field, brilliant. This nearly secluded garden in the air, home to dozens of families, Tujia people from generation to generation industrious and frugal, to lead a life of "half the demigod. Green walls and black tiles, the setting sun, the vegetable garden green, smoke, smell the crowing of cocks and the barking of dogs, sheep baa cows moo, nourishing heart and sweet, like a fairyland on earth.

It is surrounded by two Xi Sha Ping pastoral, pastoral gently rising, until convergence and screen like peaks baizhangxia. Village house decoration, four trees, Akiratake Iyo, smoke curl, outline the thick rustic atmosphere, it is infinite intoxicated. Wulingyuan seems to have a picture by Qishan different water, lush forests, streams of colorful, changing clouds and simple pastoral scenery composed of three-dimensional picture of the long axis, financial natural beauty and cultural beauty in one.

Beauty of folk culture

Wulingyuan water varies and the ecological environment is to highlight the original beauty, but could not explain here is no district. As early as more than 2000 years ago, Wulingyuan area is human beings thrive, generation is inhabited by the Tujia, Bai, Miao minority, still maintained a unique and beautiful folk culture. The beauty of this kind of folk custom culture is mainly manifested in five aspects, such as the process of dress, food and residence, marriage customs, traditional festival and song and dance drama.

After the "chieftain", here Tujia men and women wear embroidered lace full breasted vests, lace by the young woman's fine embroidery and, bright colors, line density, graphics to flowers, showing Tujia women's intricate embroidery painting skills.

Wulingyuan arts and crafts include brocade, cross stitch work, embroidery, pottery making, printing and dyeing, carving, weaving, and other, can be described as categories and different, distinctive features, one of the most representative to the brocade, dripping bed and a bamboo basket carried on the back.

Wulingyuan eating spicy flavor acid. Acid rock to cook, cook, and old leaf spring spring honey tea, sweet tea, crock tea, sweet and delicious, refreshing, or flavor mellow; grain wine Pueraria wine eucommia bark wine, fruit wine, snake, tiger bone wine, hedgehog hydnum wine, almost no not stuffed, stuffed not refined; FIR bacteria broth, abnormal fresh beauty; Hu onions fried bacon aroma enticing; pastry pupae, fragrant crisp delicious; spring frog, pleasant fragrance, tea oil crisp bamboo chicken, sweet intoxicate; loach drilling tofu, very fresh; slag mixed shallot, nutrition rich, corn powder and pickled spicy, spicy cool Xiafan; sour fish meat, flavor unique.

Tujia, or hanging from a high cliff scarp, or placed in a river valley, with hills and contrast, and other silk. Since ancient times, here is "weeping," Tujia "for the marriage bed" marriage, continues today. Wulingyuan where the maid, became engaged to learn it. Married Eve, the village unmarried woman to accompany cry, to cry to three to seven days, wedding content is extremely rich, crying parents "," cry wear a flower "," cry to eat from the Niang rice "," cry sedan chair "etc..

"Over time", "April eight", "June six", is the most grand traditional festival in Wulingyuan. The time and the Han Chinese New Year's time and the Han nationality are different, to be earlier than the Han nationality, therefore is called "the year of the year". "April eight" this day, each and every family here butcher sheep, called Baba, relatives and friends congratulated each other, very grand. Each to the "June six", here for meat, each and every family to make tofu, please friends and relatives for the holidays.

Wulingyuan regardless of people of all ages and both sexes can be good songs to sing, too many to count. They express their love in songs, with their songs and songs, with their songs and songs, with their songs to express their yearning for a better life. Every day, all the folk songs of Tujia copycat ocean. Wulingyuan dance Waving Dance, there have a style of one's own, Tongling dance and dance bench, one of the most influential to the number of waving dance. Wulingyuan of traditional opera are mainly Mao Gu Si Nuo like drama, Yang Drama, three drum sticks, nine whip, which to Mao Gus and Nuo may play the most representative. "Maogusi" is the original drama of Tujia, nuoyuanxi by folklorists known as living fossil China drama history "".

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