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Ecological Wulingyuan

Wulingyuan scenic area is located in the northwest of Hunan Province, east longitude 110 degrees 20 '30 "to 110 DEG 41' 15", 29 degrees north latitude 16 25 "~ 29 ~ 24 25", with a total area of 397 square kilometers. Due to the Wulingyuan is located in ..

Natural museums

Wulingyuan forest plants and wild animal resources are very rich, known as the "natural museum and natural botanical garden". Botanists recognized Wulingyuan in "subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest" of the "center" "retained the original features of plant communities in the Yangtze River Basin ancient." In the scenic area, the plant ecological community is complete, Lixian Xiumi, the evergreen broad-leaved forest is the main, and the mixed with the coniferous and deciduous broad-leaved forest. According to the scientific information of Central South Forestry University, woody plants in the region about 751 species (including 56 varieties), belonging to 298 genera and 102 families.

The gymnosperms by Zheng Wanjun statistics, 18 species (including 3 varieties), 16 genera, 6 families angiosperm according to the Hutchinson statistics, 734 kinds (including 53 varieties), 282 genera, families and 96. Wulingyuan flora belongs to China, Japan plant specific features, dove tree, ginkgo, Eupatorium, Pseudotaxus chienii, Olivier Cephalotaxus fortunei, Tetracentron sinense, Dipteronia sinensis, Emmenopterys henryi, bell calyx wood rare and precious species. Ancient trees are the "living cultural relics" of the natural heritage, Wulingyuan's ancient, large, Jane, odd, and more features.

Shentangwan, black spruce NAO is well preserved primeval forest. The elderly over 460 years of age, the tree is 43.5 meters high, 5.95 meters maximum circumference. Zhangjiajie village, a village of 44 meters high, 1.59 meters diameter at breast height, known as the living fossil of the natural heritage. The growth in the kidney village of Davidia, is a national level to protect the trees. These plants have a high value of scientific research and its survival environment, forest structure and the protection and preservation of is an important question for study.

Wulingyuan in the geographic distribution of animals belong to the Oriental realm Central District, located in the western mountain plateau and Eastern hilly and plain sub region boundary edge. The terrain is complex, the climate is mild, the rainfall is plentiful, the forest is thick, and it has created a good environment for the survival and reproduction of animals. After a preliminary investigation, which is a National 1st class protected animals have clouded leopard, leopard 2, class II protected animals have 54 species, including the oversoul cat, monkey, pangolin, giant salamander, Tragopan, Yuanyang, such as. Among them, more than a monkey, according to the preliminary observation of more than 300. The local people called "giant" giant salamander, is found in streams, springs, over the lake.

Leisure paradise

Wulingyuan not only has beautiful landscape, as well as first-class quality and ecological environment. There is plenty of rain here, the four seasons, sunshine, winter is not cold, summer without heat. And according to experts, the core area of negative oxygen ions in the core area can reach 120000 ~ 8, the region's forest coverage in 86%, ranking the highest in the province. In this big oxygen environment, an immortal life, really good health and leisure paradise paradise


Wulingyuan four seasons, winter long summer short. In spring every year in March to June, when temperature rises gradually, after a winter of flowers and trees, cracked green shoots, various animal bird also active, mountains and fields, everywhere is full of vigor and vitality. However, this season is more rain, travel need to prepare the moisture clothing. In late 6 until early September summer, the average temperature is 22 to 26 degrees Celsius, but the maximum 32 degrees celsius. At this time, many in the sweltering heat, but here it is a cool, summer paradise. Wulingyuan's autumn, from mid September, and finally by the end of 11, the average temperature of 12 to 15 degrees celsius. When the sky is clear and the air is crisp, cloud cover, air pressure were relatively moderate, mountain scenery extremely rich administrative levels, such as painting like magnificent. At this time tourists. Wulingyuan winter temperatures although lower, but not very cold, from scratch in early December to next year by the end of February, the average temperature of 3 to 4 degrees Celsius, snowfall than for from late January to early February. In case of snow, snow also makes people excited.

Wulingyuan mountain water around the turn, known as the "Xiushui eight hundred". Water resources in the region mainly by precipitation recharge, annual rainfall of 1380 to 1450 mm, mainly concentrated in 4 ~ July. In due form different strata, creek, river, spring, waterfall, lake and other waters, a variety of features. The surface runoff in the river, there are 34. Suo Xi the longest, 68 km journey, into the Lishui River tributary of the loushui River; Golden Whip Stream more than ten kilometers long, from the Zhangjiajie park until the Suoxi Valley, Bieyoufengwei. Size falls 21, forest park the day hanging white practice is 200 meters high, swell period such as the Dragon soar; large springs have 29, the forest park of the mandarin duck spring ancient times that have, for passers-by to drink; Lake territory has three, Baofeng Hu, cable Creek Lake is an artificial lake, Lake Baofeng 8 hectares, water depth of 72 meters, the deepest 174 meters. The natural lake in the mountain, a lake. After the precipitation of underground runoff, groundwater is rich, the formation of underground river, Tan yin. The river has been proven by Huanglong Cave in Xiangshui River, 1250 meters long, 3 meters wide, 2 meters deep are. The canyon by high mountains, dense forests and grass, it can form a significantly different from the peak, Pingchuan small climate. In the valley of short sunshine, wind speed, temperature, temperature inversion, hot summer and cold winter feel the cool, warm feeling. More valuable is the air extremely idle.

According to after a joint investigation of the Beijing Forestry University, Central South Forestry University scholars published on the paper "research in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park benefits: Forest Park in the air dust content in the outside world is 88% reduction, 97% reduction in bacterium content; sunshine can according to number than the outside is reduced by about 40%, daily average temperature lower than outside 6 DEG C, summer diurnal temperature keep 22 degrees centigrade ~ 28 degrees forest environment in 155 cm below all day long and inversion; air relative humidity is about 10% increase; wind speed less than 1 m / s, more than 80% of the time is the static wind. Often living in the park, blood pressure has dropped, the pulse recovery rate increased by an average of 30%, the average increase of 88%, the human body feels comfortable. It is no wonder that famous writer, Mao Dun's first literary prize winner Mo should Feng sighed and said: "life is a delight, lying to the Golden Whip Stream, even if the mountains fell, willing to grind to mud." And the poet's heartfelt sigh: "to make a stone, marry with the river water." Wulingyuan is a natural health care.

Environmental protection

In 1985, 1992, the Chinese government has signed the United Nations Convention on the protection of the world culture and natural heritage and the Convention on biological diversity. Thus, the protection of the Chinese territory of the cultural and natural heritage and biological diversity, not only the contemporary Chinese people to the descendants of the duty, but also the Chinese government made a solemn commitment to the world.

In 1988, Wulingyuan was included in the "World Natural Heritage List", and in 2004 joined the world geological park. Since then, the Wulingyuan fairyland and out of print resources, already belongs to all mankind all over the world. The protection of this valuable resource is not subject to the solemn commitment made by the people of Wulingyuan to the world. The first big action to fulfill the solemn commitment is the scenic area. On the afternoon of August 20, 1999, 4, Wulingyuan shuiraosimen attractions "green resort hotel with a loud bang a loud noise disappeared in the cupola and the smoke and dust, opened a prelude to the demolition of a large area. 2001 - 2002, according to the Hunan Province of Wulingyuan World Natural Heritage Protection Case ", Wulingyuan District Party committee, the district government funds for 200 million multivariate, removal of within the core area of all types of illegal construction 126, area of about 20 million square meters, to move out of the core scenic area residents 200 households, has a population of 1130, with an area of 21.6 square meters. At the same time, the removal of vegetation restoration, the completion of more than 500 acres of land and land management, 2000 acres of dry land vegetation restoration, maintenance of the world's natural heritage and integrity. To fulfill the solemn commitment of second big move is the "blue sky, clear water, quiet" project. District Party committee, the district government in accordance with the "planning guidance, protection first" principle, 2001 promulgated and implemented "Hunan Province of Wulingyuan World Natural Heritage Protection Ordinance, planning area of mining, building, fossil collection, extraction of groundwater etc. behavior is strictly prohibited.

To recruit a high level of expert team of Peking University to prepare the overall planning of Wulingyuan scenic area, the protection of sandstone and karst caves, ancient trees and rare animals and plants protection, environmental protection, etc.. Take "three contraindications threereforms" measures, is strictly prohibited burning bituminous coal, fireworks, changing coal-fired boiler into oil fired boiler, electric boiler and liquefied gas stove. The establishment of the Tianzi mountain air monitoring station, all-weather monitoring scenic environment. The formation of environmental protection company, scenic tourists will take the environmental protection type passenger car. Establish and improve the urban sewage treatment network. To strengthen the protection of vegetation and biodiversity, and advocate "the earth calls for the green, the human desire for forest", the world's theme, and severely punish the behavior of hunting and buying and selling wild animals. Realization of 54 consecutive years without forest fire, fire, the region's forest coverage rate is 85%, the maximum slow quartz sandstone weathering and erosion.

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