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History Wulingyuan

Wulingyuan vast, independent between heaven and earth. The nature of the extraordinary as if done by the spirits created here is spectacular, quartz sandstone peak forest landform scenery. "Chinese painting originally, the movie" Avatar "the floating moun

Name origin

The name of "Wulingyuan" has three aspects:

Historically, Wulingyuan is the ancient border, was blocking traffic, journey and fresh isolation, few people tread known to outsiders. After the old Changde area called Wuling county. Before the Qin Dynasty, this place is located in Wulingyuan province in the central Guizhou Province, from the Han Dynasty to a very long historical period, was under the jurisdiction of Wuling county. During the period of the Republic of Wuling is the first, after second, fourth belong to Hunan Province, the chief inspector of the eighth district. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, belonging to Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture Dayong County, Sangzhi county and Changde County of Cili.

From the geographical point of view, now Wulingyuan is located in the Wuling mountains of the mountains.

From the perspective of cultural communication, wrote many works in the "Wulingyuan men of literature and writing". Wang Wei wrote "home Wulingyuan people live, but also from play garden"; Li Bai also wrote "Gongcheng blows clothing to be included into the Wulingyuan; song writer Wang Anshi in the diameter of the warm, wrote:"Return to the people, the suspect is Wulingyuan." They write "Wulingyuan" is synonymous with otherworldly land of idyllic beauty. Wang Wei "Taoyuan" mentioned in the poem of the river, cave, canyon, village, Qiao guest landscape most close to Wulingyuan now.

"Wulingyuan" is a full of cultural connotation of the title.

Establishment process

At the beginning of 1985, when he was Secretary of the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Hu Yaobang in Wuling mountains, different administrative divisions is naturally constitute one of the three scenic area co wrote "Wulingyuan. This marks the Wulingyuan scenic area is initially formed


Subsequently, the provincial government set up a special office of the Hunan Provincial People's Government of Wulingyuan Province, responsible for tourism development in Zhangjiajie area, the country also listed as one of the two key construction of the national seven five key construction projects in Wulingyuan. March 1986, approved by the State Planning Commission, the Ministry of forestry, SUOXIYU was designated as a national nature reserve.

In order to speed up the tourism development of Zhangjiajie area, May 18, 1988, the State Council decided to original Dayong City, county or prefecture level city, Cili, Sangzhi County was placed under the jurisdiction, Dayong city. In August, the State Council approved the Wulingyuan scenic area as a national key scenic area. In October 1988, the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to set up and Dayong City Dayong preparatory group. December, Dayong Committee of the Communist Party of China, Dayong prefecture level city preparatory group decided to build CPC Wulingyuan District Committee and Wulingyuan District Management Committee, Wulingyuan as a further development of the leading bodies. On 1 January 1989, Dayong prefecture level city officially running, March of the Communist Party of China Dayong municipal establishment, June Wulingyuan District People's government to set up, Wulingyuan District People's government sign that hangs the Wulingyuan Scenic Area Administration; July, Dayong City People's government was established. Therefore, in Zhangjiajie tourism development over fragmented state, under the leadership of the unified leadership and embarked on the orderly and rapid development of the road. At the beginning of 1992, the development of the Zhangjiajie national Forest Park and Yangjiazhai scenic northwest connected Lake township.

The formation of Wulingyuan scenic and historic interest area, the depth of the development of Zhangjiajie, Suoxi Yu, Tianzishan, Dayong Cili, Sangzhi County Development and Dayong prefecture level city (1994 renamed Zhangjiajie City) formation brings the opportunity, Zhangjiajie tourism development in the history of an important milestone.

Administrative division

Wulingyuan district jurisdiction over 1 Street offices, 1 towns, 2 townships, 1 ethnic townships, with a total area of 397 square kilometers, the total population of 54434 people, of which 45445 people, the total population of 80% people, a minority. District People's GovernmentGarrison floor.

Through the following list people can better understand the relationship between "Wulingyuan" and "Zhangjiajie":
1 scenic area of Wulingyuan:
Zhangjiajie national Forest Park
The Tianzi Mountain Provincial Nature Reserve
The SUOXIYU Provincial Nature Reserve
The county yangjiajie Nature Reserve

2 Zhangjiajie city:

Sangzhi County
Cili County
The Yongding district (formerly Dayong county or county-level city Dayong)
The District of Wulingyuan

3. The city of Zhangjiajie City (now in Zhangjiajie City, the seat of government, is developed on the basis of the original Dayong county prefecture level city, is now the Yongding District Government where

4 Zhangjiajie national Forest Park (formerly Zhangjiajie forest, now located in the management office)

5 Zhangjiajie Village (under the Forest Park in Zhangjiajie, is located in the neighborhood)

6 "Wulingyuan":

Wulingyuan scenic area (see 1)
Wulingyuan district (administrative divisions, including 1 Township 1 towns 1 Street office 3 Forest Park Management Office)

Unique landscape

In the centre part of the Wulingyuan District 86 square kilometers of range, concentrated more than 3100 block size is not a peak column, tens of meters to 400 meters high peak column, column intensive, singular form, scattered high and low, appealing to the tour of a heart, and pleasing to the eye, refreshing the highest aesthetic realm. The peaks with mesa, forming a natural viewing platform flat walled tower. Huang Danzhai, kidney village, the emperor and the mountains is towering mountains, steep terrain, the vision of the mesa, on top of the elevation 1000 meters or so is platform width of the week, but full of cliff abyss along. In addition to the big Fangshan platform, there is also part of the ridge, ridge and stone. There are also a small platform at the top of the pinnacle of a large platform and protruding hanging stand. Some mesa such as black spruce Nao, the top flat, about 4 hectares is steep, isolated peaks of the platform, surrounded as 100 meters high above the cliff to boarding. So the geological features of the strange looking America in the world rare mountain landscape, was named one of the most beautiful mountain landscape China.

Because of its rich scientific connotation, natural ecological and aesthetic appreciation, Zhangjiajie has become an important geological and geographical science education base and an excellent natural resort, also attracted the attention of Chinese and foreign scholars at home and abroad. 1992, United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization sent Sancerre, Lucas two experts, after inspection acceptance Wulingyuan declaration of world natural heritage, the Wulingyuan sandstone peaks and the Coloradostind Lin, Danxia peaks, karst Fenglin, basalt peaks, forest soil, wind erosion Shilin 11 more, that red sandstone of the scale, the number of unique and has undeniable irreplaceable world geological value and status. Professor Chen Guoda, President of the international society of the depression, Wulingyuan Peak characteristics can be summarized as five aspects: Xingshenjianbei, magnificent fantasy; the second is highly dense; the third is the distribution of broad, rolling into the film, spectacular; four is ravines, and the peaks constitute a unique beautiful pictures together; the fifth is Feng Lin Maoshui, rolling green, both adds Xiuse, and water holding capacity of the soil, reduce the rain erosion.

November 2010 Zhangjiajie sandstone landforms international academic seminar and the Chinese Geological Society of tourism geology and research branch of the twenty-fifth annual meeting in Wulingyuan. New Zealand, Britain, Poland, Australia, the United States, Japan, Germany and seven countries of the 16 country field appearance of authority from the International Association of geomorphologists, vice chairman of the Peter Meagan etc., and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Li Tingdong, Liu Jiaqi, mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong more than 20 well-known geological and geomorphologic experts attended the meeting. The experts in the field study, and listen to the subject of the research group after the report, consistent with the Zhangjiajie geological park within the sandstone landscape features, it seems to be all over the world is very unique, has important scientific value and high aesthetic and ecological tourism value.

Michael Kreuzer, chairman of the international relief association, said the world has similar characteristics, but not so distinct characteristics and scale of Jimei, Zhangjiajie and scientific research value in one, Zhangjiajie landform should be recognized by the world, Zhangjiajie is determined to look". Thus, where in any countries and regions of the world found similar Zhangjiajie quartz sandstone peak forest landform, can be collectively referred to as the "Zhangjiajie physiognomy", "Zhangjiajie landscape to obtain international academia identified.

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